Gale was a successful landscape designer for over 15 years. A time during which she honed her skills of creative interpretation; utilizing dimensionality, texture, color and light to design and construct original and personal outdoor spaces.  In capturing images of these evolving and finished environments, Gale came to recognize her true creative passion was behind the lens of a camera.

gale horizonal

Gale’s artistic and evocative images are strongly influenced by patterns, color, details and simplicity.  The subject of each image evokes feeling and reflection.

Although, primarily self-taught, Gale has studied with several photography masters over the years enabling her to fine tune her skills and talents.  She has also extensively explored and studied many spiritual disciplines. This background has given Gale the capacity to feel the heart and soul of the people and places she photographs.

Her life experiences, innate maternal wisdom and artistic leanings facilitate her interpretation of what she sees; resulting in thoughtful, revealing portraits and art images that are unique and captivating.